Dostal Studio has merged with Light Rain printing and imaging. With our many talents combined, we are pleased to offer imaging, printing, framing, and shipping all under one roof! Using state of the art equipment, we are able to create high-quality digital images that are ideal for reproduction.


We are able to scan most types of art- be it film, drawings, or large paintings using a variety of equipment. Whether you bring us a 5 foot by 7-foot canvas, tiny negatives, or textured watercolor paintings, we are equipped to capture your pieces perfectly.

Art Capture

Art captures are best for canvases, especially textured watercolor paper, unfixed pastels or other delicate pieces, and any oversized work. We use an Arco-Swiss 4x5 camera with an 8K BetterLight digital scan-back which captures the equivalent of a 256 MegaPixel file. We customize the lighting for each capture taking into account the characteristics of the artwork, such as texture and existence of metallic paint. We use the latest high-intensity discharge (HID) lights from North Light Products which offer the best color spectral response available.

Flatbed Scan

Flatbed scans are ideal for small work or photographs that aren't delicate- as the process entails pressing the paper against glass. It provides a very high-resolution image and is a good option for printing images that are much larger than the original. Pieces suitable for flatbed scanning can be captured at 1600dpi tabloid+ size (12x18) professional flatbed scanner with an adjustable focus scanning area and single direction cold cathode light source. Flatbed scans are color managed in the same way that scan-back scans are. There is virtually no setup, so often the turnaround time is quicker for these scans. For art that is appropriate for this type of capture, flatbed scans are more cost-effective as well. If a piece is slightly larger than the scanbed, we are able to take two scans and seamlessly digitally stitch them together into one image, saving both time and money.

Film Scan

We are able to scan slides and negatives of many shapes and sizes using an 848 Flextight Imacon scanner, which is capable of scanning at resolutions suitable for the perfectly archiving film for making museum-quality prints.

Fine Art Giclée

We offer many different papers to suit any printing needs, including printable canvas and watercolor paper in addition to traditional matte and photo papers. We utilize two large format Epson printers, and are able to print up to 60" wide by nearly 40'. Whether your prints are big or small, we are able to produce beautiful pieces on professional-grade equipment, and offer discounts for bulk orders.

Photo Restoration

Using Adobe Photoshop, we are able to digitally repair damaged or faded original art or photography or alter the look of undamaged work. Call during business hours to schedule an appointment with one of our digital experts and receive a quote- here at Dostal Studio, we believe your memories deserve to be displayed at their best.

If you are interested in contacting us for more information or a quote, you may do so by emailing us at or at the Light Rain Website.

Light Rain @ Dostal Studio

Established in 1994, Light Rain provides Artists, Photographers, Graphic Professionals, and Curators with essential services, including direct digital image capture of art, custom film scans, archival quality art printing & expert retouching.

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